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Heliotec-plants supply 140,000 households with ecofriendly energy

2012-01-06, 10:39:00 am

Großschirma, Saxony

With a positive summary heliotec begins the new year. An exciting and sucessful year 2011 has ended, in which the wind energy plants supervised by heliotec produced 420,000,000 kWh ecofriendly energy. This is equal to an annual demand of 140,000 households in Germany.

The internal company aim of an average technical availabilty of all supervised plants of over 97% were reached. Although the were long enduring and sophistictaed restauration works on the rotor blades  on one of the largest wind farms for which heliotec cares, an average technical availabilty of 97,4 % were reached, which is equal to an average annual standstill of 9,5 days per turbine.

Especially pleasant in this context were a recognizable improvement of the technical availabilty of the wind farm Bockelwitz since the taking over of the operational management in June 2010.  Here a increase of 4% to 97,3 % were reached, which also results in a distinctly enhanced energy production.

By recruiting a new employee the staff of heliotec was usefully strengthened. As a competent team heliotec is able to face the increasing requirtements of a high quality operational management within the upcoming years.

The heliotec-team wishes their business partners a sucessful and happy year 2012.

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