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Operational management for wind turbine generators, solar plants and transformer stations


Around the clock and all the year we capture and evaluate all available power plant data. The results of the evaluation determine which actions will be taken. Cleraly strucutred processes guarantee a high availability, an optimal yield and support the intrinsic value of your plant

incident management

We´re here for you everytime. In case of an incident, valuable plants with high performances need a fast acting customer service. For that reason our service is on call around the clock. For specialized services we deploy qualified companys and coordinate their works.



In addition to the operational management, we have specialized ourselves on services which are connected to the operational management. Hereby we are using synergy effcets, to offer necessary services more cost-effectively than other service providers.

Management of duties

We don´t leave you alone. Owner of energy plants are confronted with a variety of different duties. The fulfilling of these duties requests expert knowledge, a longtime experience and an immediate proximity to the power plants. As an experienced operational management company we have this three requirements. We are pleased to undertake your tasks as fiduciary administrator.


Trust, but verify. Our longtime experience shows, that controls are indispensable. This field of activity also includes on-site inspections, to detect shortages and defects at an early stage.

Notification and Reporting
  • notification to the owner in case of standstill of the plant as of a expected standstill time of more than .....days and by detection of essential defects via phone/E-Mail/form etc.
  • preparation of a technical monthly report
  • preparation of a technical annual report
  • damage documentation and treatment torwards the plant producer or the insurance
  • notification of damages to the insurance and the owner
  • realizing notification system for electricity trading
  • performance of all necessary notifications to the power supplier
  • preparation of maintenance-, upkeeping and restoration concepts
  • consulting on the drafting of maintenance-, service- and insurance contracts 
  • consulting the owner on all technical issues of the palnt
  • consulting on the structure of international asset-management-systems
Commercial Services
  • monthly settlement of the produced electricity with the repsonsible contractual partner
  • distribution of earnings and costs for operator partnerships including the preparation of an evaluation
  • keeping escrow accounts
  • controlling of in-payments, execution of payables and regular payments
  • land lease administration, contract management
  • preparation of production loss settlements for load managements (§12 EEG)
  • complete accounting for all commercial processes including. filing of VAT return