Facility management for wind turbines, solar farms and transformer stations.

Browse our extensive catalogue of services and select the package that best suits your needs to ensure tailored management of your energy facility. We will gladly offer advice.

Everything at a glance. We log all available operating data 365 days per year and analyse the information continuously. We take tailored action based on the insight obtained in this way. Clearly structured processes ensure outstanding availability and optimised yields, while also protecting the value of your investment.

High-capacity facilities are expensive. Customer services need to respond quickly when incidents occur. This is why our service department is on call 24/7. We commission and coordinate specialised firms to provide the more out of the ordinary services.

We don’t leave you alone. Operators of energy facilities are constantly juggling a plethora of requirements. Their satisfaction calls for broad expertise, sufficient professional experience and immediate proximity to the facilities themselves. As conscientious facility managers, we fulfil all these requirements. We gladly look after these tasks as your custodians.

Trust is good, control is better. Defects are identified at an early date thanks to regular inspections, maintenance and repair follow-up to protect you from costly surprises. We are entirely focused on the performance of your facilities. We check all technical processes continuously to ensure they are state-of-the-art and legally compliant, initiating the necessary corrections in the case of deviations.

As your facility managers, we keep control of all information channels. All data and information is saved and processed for our customers. Our meaningful and clearly structured reports deliver information precisely the way you and your contractual partners would like it to be. Arranged as modules, the content of our reports will satisfy your individual needs.

Good advice doesn’t have to be expensive. We gladly pass on our expertise to you, providing tailored advice in all aspects relating to your facilities. There are many options, so we select the best possible solution for your needs or prepare the necessary plans and concepts on your behalf.

Bottom line, it’s the outcome that counts. We deal with all the necessary calculations and prepare and process all the receipts required each month. We complete all bookkeeping tasks according to the principles of good accounting practice.

Besides facility management, we are specialists for a number of related services as well. Here we exploit synergy to provide the necessary work on behalf of our customers at eye-catchingly favourable rates.